Pause and Reflect…

I have never attended a writing project seminar. I am surrounded by those who have who have shared their inspirations with me.

As a writing teacher, I constantly search for the language lessons that inspire my students. I find them frequently at National Writing Project sites, such as:

Google Square “National Writing Project” “writing” “resources” “lessons” “teaching” “learning”:
Please look at the resources and links from this search: NWP Google Squared

The National Writing Project is a national treasure for all who want to promote literacy, and isn’t that the national debate right now? No matter who you are, the resources are available. The Nevada Writing Project’s “Writing Fix” site sends me a “Lesson Plan of the Month.” Student contests and work is shared with assessments and further resources. 

Remember this project:  Letters to the President?  The National Writing Project helped sponsor this, and my students, tucked away in a very rural community,  joined the process, becoming engaged citizens communicating positively with their government through a multi-layered project.

Play to Learn…

I am just a teacher. But I don’t just make do with the resources at hand in my school. I constantly search for those tools, strategies, and curriculum needed to reach all my students. With the call for excellence in education, why would such a tremendous resource receive no funding?  In this time to engage learners and citizens, why stop funding for an organization that has engaged both learning and citizenship?

Please continue funding for the National Writing Project. Anyone who desires excellence in education and engagement by citizens would do so.  Join us by reading articles ( Esther Wojciki in Huffington Post ) and contacting Congress.  Won’t you encourage excellence in writing instruction and student citizenship?


This post was inspired by Cooperative Catalyst #blog4NWP

Photo Credit: Pencils CC by Sheri Edwards