#zerotohero Commenting


Our challenge, Day 11,  for the #zerotohero WordPress blogging challenge is to comment on three blogs — dig in and see something of interest and let the blogger know. Start a conversation and add value to the ideas.


Draw and Shoot by Karen McRae

I chose art — photography. It’s winter here as well, and these photos of frost art will amazing you. They are copyrighted, so know that. They brought me back to my childhood as the wind whistled through the wooden windows not quite fitting the frame, and not insulated as today’s windows. So Jack Frost would paint his world and we would tell the stories within his world. That’s what I was reminded of from these beautiful and stunning images.  Thanks, Karen.

The Learning Pond by Grant Lichtman

Education is in transition; it is transforming, and we aren’t sure how. It will not be smooth or as expected, because technology and its connectivity is changing the our resource availability, and no matter what the leaders and politicians want to demand, the reality will become what the learners and their families need. Grant shows us we are still learning what will create value in education.

The teacher will no longer be the expert; the teacher will now be a guide, the facilitator for personalized learning. I’ve vlogged about a possibility here for another group (Fellowship of the Open Spokes ), but Grant is at the forefront of moving schools forward. He’s written a book and is helping specific schools move into learning that is relevant to their needs. My fear is that the schools most in need of the freedom to innovate, will be drowned in regulations. Follow Grant for more news on his ideas and progress.

In the Trenches by Kelly Hines

An old twitter friend, Kelly was always a great resource for me as I was learning to integrate technology into my classroom. I’d lost touch or tweets, and found her here in WordPress as the source for another blogging challenge. Kelly has always shared her learning as an educational leader, so I wasn’t surprised to find the challenge originating with her group on her blog!  Glad to be reconnected, and to find ideas for posts in the challenge.


Like the fractals in Karen’s frost, ever repeating their beauty with each new growth, I have discovered Grant and Kelly, two leaders still guiding educators forward, still expanding knowledge with each new post, adding value to education for those who connect with them. And by searching and reaching out myself, I found them here. That is the nature of life, the cycle of learning and growing through connections. And from these three I can share with my colleagues and followers, and spread the knowledge. Who knows where it will grow next?

How did your blog comment added value to your world?

Day 2 #zerotohero About – What’s your name?

Day 2 #zerotohero : A WordPress Blogging Challenge

What’s your blogs name? Pause 2 Play

What does it mean? About this blog  and its history


Pause to Reflect…

Today’s challenge is to choose a title [ Pause 2 Play ] and add a tagline [ Pause and reflect to play and learn… ] that will reflect our blog’s purpose. In addition, an “About” page or widget helps readers know what your blog is about, which helps drive readers to stick around.

This blog began in 2010 with Posterous, which became extinct, so WordPress became the new home in 2013.

And it was time for a change. Today I shortened and clarified my  About this blog  and revised the history page to include the new focus. I made sure the main ideas were at the top and colored for quick review.  I found some extinct links and made corrections; I added new pictures; I revised how readers navigated to these pages. I had already chosen a cleaner design that works as well on mobile devices as it does online, for my purpose at least.

Play to Learn…

Whenever I visit a blog, I like to know who the person is [ About Me ] behind the words, to know their perspective and focus. I think it’s important to know the name and how to contact them. I realized I needed a quick and short page for what the blog is about, although you can usually tell by the first few posts and by the categories. A tag cloud also helps. I really would like to be better at deciding categories. I’m sure we’ll get into that in this challenge.

So, in the image below, you will se the title of the blog, two pages showing [ Home and About ]. At right at the top is the tagline and below that is the link to the About Pause 2 Play, which briefly explains the blog’s purpose.




What do you think of the changes? What about your blog? Will your readers know who you are and what your focus is?