Here Are the Trailers for “Rise Above the Mark”

Who is making the decisions for our children? Get involved in your schools and hold politicians accountable for the lack of real learning, lack of innovation, and lack of joy in schools today.

Ask you kids, “What did you do in school today?” How many times will they say, “We took or practiced for a test?” Or how many times will they say, “Nothing.” Because nothing memorable happened?


Who do you want to make a decision about your child? Would that be your child’s teacher? Chances are, those decisions are not theirs anymore.

Get involved in your schools. Visit. Ask: “Is my child learning through authentic work? projects? Or is my child drilled and practiced in taking a test?”

These experts are educators who see the ruin of public education — and want more for your child and our students than just test prep. We want innovators, problem-solvers, independent thinkers, and dreamers who will be ready for their future.

Please get involved.

Video Trailer for “Rise Above the Mark”


Diane Ravitch's blog

Reader Lloyd Lofthouse found trailers on YouTube for the wonderful film “Rise Above the Mark.”

Please watch it and try to get the film to show in your community.

Lloyd Lofthouse writes:

“Here’s the trailer for “Rise Above the Mark”. If you click on YouTube’s name, right-hand lower corner of the video’s frame, that will take you to YouTube where you may also watch the other two, longer trailers for this documentary.”

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