#zerotohero Abouts, Follows, and Widgets

Our challenge, Days 8, 9, 10  for the #zerotohero WordPress blogging challenge are:

Day Eight: Make Your About Page Irresistible
Day Nine: Head Deeper Into the Blogosphere

Day Ten: Widgets



Spruce up the About page. 

That’s not easy — I added my self-portrait poem with links to my own images. Probably not that exciting, but does provide more of a picture or the “who” behind the “what.”

Follow More Blogs

I wonder why there is no “Education” topic? I guess education is only important to bash and bat around in the media. But one of my finds is a fabulous new blog to follow, Rainshadow Farm Institute, by a community college teacher who “unschools” her own kids. She is an anthropologist interested in sustainable food systems. I think this is important work, and I believe people should take such an interest in the children’s education that they just might choose to “unschool” them. I do believe, however, that it would be far better to participate in public schools than to leave them.


Widgets I love. It’s easy to get carried away. I had originally very few, but with this challenge I added:

  • Follow This Blog — I called it “Catch New Posts” but perhaps I should change it to fit the theme — Pause longer by subscribing.
  • Goodreads — always nice to share good books
  • Instagram — I call it Instagramma, because, once again, I joined to keep up with that oldest granddaughter!
  • Flickr: I love photography and creating images in visual poetry. I am in year to of a 365 photo project.


I had slacked off on this blog, but now I’m loving it again. Personalizing the space, thinking about it’s purpose, has helped clarify what I want to do here. Should I challenge myself to 52 reflections this year? Or — For sure, how about you, are you up to a 26 biweekly post?

Do my readers / followers accept that challenge?

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