Posterous: Move to

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Pause to reflect…

Posterous will close down on April 30th. Freebies change.

What do you do with the work you have loved to share?

Move to

Follow these directions (link) for how to import your Posterous blog to

If you have a domain name for your blog, you will need to purchase an upgrade packet for $18. Just follow the directions as you create your and import your new blog at WordPress. WordPress explains Domain Names here and explains how to map your the Domain Name you already own to WordPress here.

Play to Learn…

Nerve wrecking, I know.

Backup your Posterous. Download it. Unzip it and you will see a “wordpress” file to upload when asked during the transition process. And here are a few tips that will save you some pain:



I read and re-read; finally, I just created the new blog into which I would import my posterous blog.

When I started my new blog, I needed to change the name. Be prepared for that. As I created the new blog, I checked the box for “I have my own domain name,” and followed the directions, adding the package I needed when asked.

As indicated in the tips image above, I was able to easily add my pages and links without a problem with those strategies.

AUDIO AND VIDEO TIPS: If you have audio, the audio does not import — save those files. For video, WordPress will import, but you will need to add a Video Package for adding more.

So, it’s not difficult, thanks to the easy Import feature in Tools in WordPress.

Just remember the tips on audio, video, pages and sidebar information and links.

It works!

5 thoughts on “Posterous: Move to

    • Hi Denise, I know so many educators used Posterous — it WAS so easy to post text, video, and audio. Such a loss. But you can still post by email with WordPress — just enable it in your settings. Go to Settings –>Writing —> then choose Go to My Blogs in the paragraph about email. There you will find a list of all your blogs and be able to choose enable “post by email.” You can also, in a dashboard, go to the House/Home Icon and choose “My Blogs;” it will take you to the same list of your blogs.

      Glad I could help. Sheri

  1. Hi Sheri!
    Thanks so much for the very clear instructions. Now I have a souvenir of my short Posterous blog. 🙂
    Teresa (Lisbon area, Portugal)

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