It’s Easy…

Pause to Reflect…


It’s easy to follow the usual road with the time you have in the day speeding by. Sometimes the road is not clear. I read a wonderful post by Chris Wejr, It’s Easy, which I found in my Twitter feed this morning. 

37022323-tweetcwejr copy

It’s amazing how the path of a twitter feed leads to solutions. Have you ever felt as if what you do is for naught? –You’re given a task of leading others, and resistance abounds? Or perhaps it just seems that way because you receive little feedback?

The easy path is to give up, but then then this tweet appeared:


to this post: Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Life   [updated link: Improve it.]

“Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”

“You can change it.” “Improve it.” “Make your mark upon it.”

It’s easy to step back and give up.

It’s hard to keep going to help “change it.”

After re-reading Chris’s post, I could now reply:

It’s easy to read this post and agree.
It’s hard to ignore the ignorers and focus on the movers.

It’s easy to forget that time and lack of tech are issues with teachers who wear so many hats in these changing and budget-strapped times.

It’s hard to search for support and solutions that encourage such choices.

It’s hard to do it all.
It’s easy to take one small step.

What small step?

Two other posts guided the path today:

1) a comment from a colleague, Tracy Watanabe, on a previous post, which included this suggestion:

WOW and a Wonder (something that is a specific praise and a question meant to guide them to think about one way they can improve)

2) a post on Facebook by my granddaughter:

37023410-facebookalappreciated copy

Relationships are key. Appreciation is key. Build relationships and appreciate what has been done. Teachers are overwhelmed and under-appreciated. We all wear so many hats to help schools function and students learn, and the technology needed is not always at hand. During my teacher prep time (I teach full time), I take Tech walks (my other hat) to see what staff need. I need to preface the visit with a specific appreciation. And in staff meetings, I need to Wow before I Wonder.

Play to learn…

One small step to help move forward would be to WOW with a specific appreciation for what is working and improving. Appreciate the small steps by others. In staff meetings, WOW again the positive steps in tech use throughout the school. Then ask an “I wonder”– a small step that could be taken next — a step towards implementing technology by non-techy staff. Perhaps it will be an app for instruction; perhaps a way to communicate with students or parents; perhaps a tool for productivity.  At any rate, start with a WOW and add an I wonder if…

So the road may be unseen, but find the path while wandering through the blossoms of appreciation to find the next staff-needed I wonder.

It’s hard to do it all.

It’s easy to start with one small step.

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Thanks to the inspiration of   and

Wow and Wonder Strategy by Tracy Watanabe


4 thoughts on “It’s Easy…

  1. Hi Sheri,This is such a powerful post. The links to Chris Wejr’s It’s Easy, and to the Steve Jobs interview about how you can make a difference, really hits home for me. Putting them in the same post is powerful.Being a leader is not easy. I’ve realized that leaders rarely get feedback from someone else letting them know they are appreciated for something specific and genuinely praiseworthy, especially when risk and innovation are involved (thanks for adding that link to remind us of this). I also believe that you need to model what you would like to see more of. When I started giving specific positive feedback (a Wow), and a wonder, I noticed that I started to get those in return, which is helpful. It’s such an easy way to provide feedback. It builds trust because you show that you see their trying or you acknowledge their strengths, and by adding a wonder (just one), it allows them to think through the possibility from a different angle … Thanks for making a difference, and for being willing to reflect on how you can build a learning culture one step at a time.Kind regards,Tracy

  2. Hi Tracy,The Wow and Wonder strategy you shared will help us keep our focus — many wows and one wonder at a time. A few years ago, we started to write each other appreciations for the little and big things that help us improve. They helped us through a very stressful time. We let each other know "We Matter" (See @AngelaMaiers ) before that was popular. Here’s what we shared: Thanks for the discussion which reminded me to start our appreciation strategy again.Thanks for the leadership you share in your blog, comments, and twitter.Sheri<a href="; title="thankssre by teach.eagle, on Flickr"><img src="; width="213" height="500" alt="thankssre"></a>

  3. Hi Sheri,I absolutely love what you created! It just takes building relationships and appreciation to another level. Thank you for posting this for others to see and borrow! You walk the talk, Sheri. You inspire me.Warm regards,Tracy

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