My PLN Plants Seeds for Learning

Pause to learn…


Skype, as of this date, is a free, easy way to connect classrooms to classrooms and classrooms to authors or other experts. Skype is an audio or video call through your computer and internet connection. Imagine opening up the doors to learning through the sharing of ideas, cultures, learning, data, etc. How could you use Skype in the classroom? Here are 50 Ways at  And here are author visits available through Skype An Author by author Mona Kerby and Library Media Specialist Sarah Chauncey.

Paula Naugle and Jan Wells, fantastic elementary educators, use Skype in their classrooms to enhance and enrich their Grade Level Expectations. Learn about these teachers and their work from this Ed Tech Talk recording here or watch their K12 Online Echo recording of their “Seeds to Success with Skype Presentation” here.   The two teachers, Paula from Louisiana and Jan from Kansas, work together on various language arts and math graphing projects.  Here’s their project page on Google Sites: Seeds to Success with Skype. A mentor of theirs who manages excellent collaborative projects is Jennifer Wagner of Projects by Jen.  
My students have skyped and shared, and loved every second sharing their cultural dancing. Learn about that experience here.

But how do you get started? How do you connect?  

First, check out the information above and contact Paula, Jan, or Jen. Sign up at the Skype Edu list here.  Read about the technical and management issues from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano at her ongoing project Around the World with 80 Schools. She includes a basic introduction and a companion wiki. Check out the jobs for students while using Skype.

So, with this background information, there’s no reason not to start.  Got a computer with an Internet connection? Download Skype and get started.

Play to learn…

As for me, I’ve just signed up at Around the World with 80 Schools and will look for middle school connections. On what will we connect? I’ll ask my students; we’ll look together and wonder at what questions to ask and what we have to share based on the information at the site. How long will we take to connect with 80 schools? Our Grade Level Expectations will become authentic learning with authentic assessments and we will enjoy our progress. No matter how long it takes to meet 80 schools, our learning will be ongoing… won’t you join us?


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  by mdmarkus66


2 thoughts on “My PLN Plants Seeds for Learning

  1. Hi Sheri,I just found this as I was doing some research about myself (updating my portfolio). I thank you, my friend, for such favorable words about me. You know from our meetings in various chat rooms around the net, that my students and I love using Skype. I’m on Spring break right now and am planning the last few projects of the school year. We will be out for the summer in just a few short weeks and I have so much I still want to do with my students. Hope all is well with you and your students. "See" you soon.

  2. Thanks, Paula, for stopping by. I’ve so enjoyed learning with you in the "cloud," and I know the journey will continue!

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